Our Products

We offer a wide range of measuring instruments for different applications: from food to hospital, from industrial to pharmaceutical to laboratory, etc..

We are the Italian distributors of Ebro (Germany) since 1990: the long partnership with the company has allowed us to experience all the evolutions of the different products that, in the field of “temperature” range from the simplest thermometers to very sophisticated recorders for both cold and “hot”.

The different applications of the products (for example in the food rather than in hospitals, pharmaceuticals, industry…) have led us to develop important skills that are indispensable for dealing with customers: in addition to sales, we provide a service or rather in-depth advice on the applications of the instruments we propose.

The strong competition developed especially in recent years thanks to online services, is not able, sometimes due to lack of skills and unavailability of the method of sale itself, to offer customers information and advices representing to us the daily life.

Our after-sales service and calibration completes the range of activities that revolve around “thermometrics” in general.

Here are our products illustrated by application category:

To have the product sheets in English, please contact us at info@tectronik.it

Monitoraggio parametri nelle conserve

Monitoraggio parametri nelle bevande

Monitoraggio parametri nella pasta fresca

Monitoraggio parametri nei forni

Monitoraggio parametri nelle autoclavi

Monitoraggio temperatura
e umidità

Monitoraggio dei trasporti

Logger monouso
Coperture Termiche

Monitoraggio temperatura e umidità Wireless

Termometri per misurazioni negli alimenti

Termometri IR per misurazioni negli alimenti

Termometri per misurazione nelle industrie

Monitoraggio di altri parametri fisici

Analizzatore a biosensori enzimatico

Servizi di qualifica macchinari ospedalieri

Servizi di qualifica autoclavi alimentari

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