Since 1984, Tectronik S.r.l. in business in the sale of analytical instruments used mainly in the food processing, medical, hospital, pharmaceutical and other industries.

The company distributes in Italy Ebro Electronic brand, with frequent relations with a range of brands to offer a 360 ° customer service, to cover its needs.

The products marketed range from Data Loggers for pasteurization/sterilization process control, Data Loggers for cold rooms monitoring (even remotely), single use Data Loggers for transport monitoring, to thermometers, pHmeters, thermohygrometers, frying oil quality analyzers, vacuum meters and much more. Regarding Ebro Electronic products, we also offers a repair/calibration service centre.

The data loggers are needed to perform measurements and recordings of parameters such as: temperature, pressure, humidity.
The company boasts a long experience gained in decades of activity and the know-how of our technicians, acquired directly in the field, are always available to the customer to find together the most appropriate solutions and solve the various measuring problems which may arise every day.

From the further specialization in the field of temperature loggers to monitor sterilization (and consequently lethality in sterile environments) Tectronik has further expanded its range of action, becoming a serious, reliable and attentive partner in the CSSD validation of autoclaves, washer disinfectors, endoscope washers, thermal sealers etc..

Recently, a further service has been developed, namely the Food Autoclave Performance Qualification service (according to FDA accepted guidelines), necessary to companies willing to export their LACF (Low Acid Canned Food) to the United States of America.
In this case, our company acts as a Process Authority for agri-food companies that intend to validate their thermal sterilization processes.

Our activity includes from the Food Facility Registration to the FCE number provision, to the execution of the SIDs regarding the LACF to be exported, obviously including all the thermal tests to be carried out on autoclaves and products (Temperature Distribution, Heat Transfer Distribution, Heat Penetration).

The guidelines for the preparation of the documentation are available at IFTPS (a non-profit US organization in which we are both members and speakers at annual conferences held in Europe and the United States).

Tectronik, in addition to marketing and offering services, since 2001 has started the production of biosensors with Senzytec II.
Senzytec is a biosensor system developed in collaboration with the University of Padua and the University Cà Foscari of Venice (winning the Innovation Award from the Veneto Region) able to measure the concentrations of analytes such as ethanol, Malic, Sugars…..

Fruit producers, who store their products for a long time in dynamic atmosphere cells DCA, take advantage of the device to measure during the time the scalding of a fruit. Thanks to the ethanol level measurement, our customers using Senzytec will be able to decide when to act re-inserting oxygen in their storage rooms to avoid anoxic fermentation phenomena (which if not controlled can become incontrovertible) and ensure a well-preserved and organoleptically excellent product.

In short…The services we can offer you

Tectronik can offer a wide range of services and products such as:

  • Professional advice in the choice of the best equipment for the specific use and how to use it
  • After-sales service.
  • Calibration and repair service for Ebro Electronic instruments
  • Loan units during calibration/service of customer’s devices until the time needed to continue their production activity
  • Validation in the CSSD of autoclaves washers, sealers etc..
  • Performance qualifications for food autoclaves with studies on temperature distribution, heat transfer distribution and heat penetration as well as compilation of SIDs for FDA (food export to the USA)

In short…The products we can offer you

  • Data Logger for recording thermal data, pressure etc. in processes such as pasteurization, sterilization and cooking.
  • Data Logger for monitoring cold rooms (both “local” or remotely controlled)
  • Single use Data Logger for monitoring temperatures during transports
  • Thermometers
  • Thermocouple Thermometers
  • IR thermometers (pyrometers)
  • pHmeters
  • Thermohygrometers
  • Fried Oil Quality Analysers
  • Senzytec, instrument for monitoring analytes such as ethanol in fruit
  • and much more!


Tectronik has adopted and is certified with ISO 9001:2015 standards.

Should you need a copy of the Tectronik ISO certificate, please contact the company at: info@tectronik.it or call at +39 049 768699. Tectronik calibration laboratory has been verified and authorized by Ebro.

Should you need a copy of these authorizations please write to info@tectronik.it