Bluetooth Temperature Logger

The increase in accidents due to temperature fluctuations during logistics has caused enormous losses for companies in the food and chemical industry.

Traditional temperature monitoring devices require programming and downloading of the recorder via controlled computers that are sometimes not at the same locations as the departure or arrival depots.

Shipping operations are frequently influenced by operations involving the activation of data loggers and their positioning within the packages, as well as sometimes the verification of the temperature for example by half way: these operations if carried out in a “hostile” environment could heavily affect the thermal status of the goods and cause damages.

The all-new Tempod Bluetooth temperature data logger series uses Bluetooth Low Energy technology, and offers customers the unparalleled advantages of remotely accessing the data logger via a wireless connection.

Customers can thus program, download, start and stop the recorder without opening the packages but with simple steps from their smart devices. It is also possible to download data via USB connection.

No need to install software, the Tempod data logger will automatically create an encrypted PDF report that includes recording statistics i.e. Max, Min, MKT, alarm results including five alarm ranges, graph and event table data (optional).

Raw data embedded in the PDF report can also be extracted after being uploaded to the TempSen Cloud for online data management and global access.

Tempod data loggers also provide operation and alarm status, residual battery and statistics.

With Tempod data loggers, you will have complete supervision of your shipments and the temperature-controlled supply chain will be fully covered.

Caratteristiche tecniche

Capacità di memoria
28800 letture
Campo di misura -20°C…70°C
Precisione ± 0,3 ° C (-20 ° C … 20 ° C),
± 0,5 ° C (altra gamma)
0.1°C / °F
Modalità di avvio Manuale / Auto / Temperatura
Intervallo di registrazione
1 minuto … 2 ore
Intervallo allarme
Intervalli allarme alto / basso / 5 di allarme
Batteria al litio 3,0 V CR2450,
• Livello della batteria rimanente
• Mark history
Connessione Bluetooth® Low Energy 4.0 / USB 2.0
Software TempSen Go APP (Andriod / IOS)
Software desktop TempCode Data Management (21 CFR 11 compatibile)
Calibrazione Calibrazione a 3 punti tracciabile da fabbrica NIST
Certificazioni CE, FCC, RTCA-DO160G, IATA PI970 II, RAEE, RoHS
Dimensioni 100 mm L x 40 mm L x 12 mm H
Peso Approsimativamente 50g
Materiale Policarbonato
Classe di protezione IP65

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