We answer the most frequently asked questions

Who are Ebro’s main customers in Italy?

Ebro measuring instruments (thermometers, dataloggers, etc.) are mainly used by companies in the food sector (ham factories, canners, pasta factories, dairies, etc.), in the pharmaceutical sector (industrial realities but also pharmacies), in health care CSSD (hospitals, ASL, clinics), dentistry and many others.

Once I have purchased an Ebro product, what kind of after-sales service do I receive?

Tectronik is committed to after-sales service, paying particular attention to customer needs, support during the start-up phase (training and installation of systems with dataloggers), the resolution of technical problems to clarify any doubt that those who use the instrument may have. We are always available and reachable, both by phone and by e-mail (all contact details are indicated in the ‘Contacts’ section).

I‘m not a technician and I don’t know about biosensors, can I use Senzytec?

Senzytec is an intuitive and easy to use tool, it does require little skill in training or little ability in performing chemical analysis. It can be used nearly by anyone: the procedure is quick and easy and the interface intuitive.

Are special operations necessary to prepare the samples to be analyzed?

Sample preparation is very easy and fast: in most cases it is a simple dilution. Often no operation is required: the sample is analyzed as it is. For some types of samples it may be advisable to use specific treatment kits to eliminate compounds that could interfere with the measurement.

How much time is needed for analysis?

The analysis time with Senzytec varies slightly depending on the analyte to be measured. In the case of ethanol, for example, it takes on average just over three minutes to reach each result.

How often should I calibrate my Ebro instruments?

Ebro dataloggers and thermometers should be calibrated annually.

What is the average waiting time for an Ebro calibration/repair service?

Typically, for the calibration and possible repair of an Ebro instrument, either a thermometer or a datalogger, the average waiting time is 1-2 weeks.