Ebro: datalogger and measuring instruments

Ebro was founded in 1968 in Germany and is a company specialized in electronic measuring instruments, with 50 years experience in the production of extremely accurate portable instruments for the measurement of temperature, pressure, humidity, pH, oil, salt and other physical parameters. All products are developed and (most of them) manufactured in Germany.

Ebro produces datalogger for a variety of applications: high accuracy temperature data loggers for the food industry, laboratories, medical and chemical industries; cold room datalogger; temperature/humidity recorders; pressure datalogger for industrial use; temperature/pressure datalogger for monitoring autoclaves in hospitals; NiCr-Ni probes for quick measurements; low cost temperature recorders for tracking the transport of goods; more complex BUS systems and dataloggers for monitoring trucks or storage warehouses via mobile phone or satellite.

Ebro has developed a wide range of portable instruments: precision thermometers, calibrated thermometers for food inspection, thermometers with folding probe, rapid thermometers for internal measurements (product core), NiCr-Ni thermometers for high temperatures, infrared thermometers for non-contact surface measurements, hygrometers, instruments for measuring salt content, vacuum gauges, instruments for measuring the quality of frying oil.

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