Single Use Logger ITAG 3 PRO

Pre-configured, ready for rapid implementation, the Tempsen ITAG 3 PRO is an ideal solution for recording temperature-time data in transit, without having to install additional software.

Supplied with a traceable calibration certificate, the ITAG 3 PRO logger is immediately ready for recording at the touch of a button.

Monitoring the condition of temperature-sensitive products over time through the cold chain is essential to ensure product quality and meet regulatory requirements, the ITAG 3 PRO achieves them with minimal training and cost.

To get started: just press and hold the start button until the two lights flash (ALARM and OK, once activated, only the OK light will flash), and stick the data logger to the package or place it inside the fresh packages, the small case occupies a minimum space and is waterproof thanks to its plastic protection that will be removed once the transport is completed.

On arrival: simply expose the USB connector and connect it to a computer to quickly view the results in a PDF file containing a detailed numerical report and graph of the data collected during shipment.


  • Automatically generates detailed reports in Adobe PDF format
  • Built-in USB connector, no readers or cables needed to download data
  • It has about the size of a business card, waterproof food packaging
  • Quick start with button
  • Available in versions from 10 to 60 days
  • The data collected remains even if the battery runs out
  • Manufacturer Validation Certificate available
  • Compliance 21 CFR Part 11

Supplied with a traceable calibration certificate, the ITAG 3 PRO logger is immediately ready for recording at the touch of a button.

Configured for UTC (GMT) time zone.

Systems for protecting and maintaining temperatures in the transport / stationing of perishable goods

Temp-Ex is the solution we offer for the preservation of the best temperatures during the phases of transport and stationing of refrigerated goods.

These covers and protections of various nature allow an ideal preservation protected from sudden changes of temperature sometimes fatal to our precious loads of pharmaceuticals, food, hospital materials, thermosensitive products in general.

Imagine shipments of drugs or fresh food products transported during summer and moved from one site to another in the logistics phases: often we see unlikely positions with goods exposed to the sun and frequently “forgotten” for various reasons …. from the inexperience of operators to the lack of fast and accurate instructions on sorting.   The result is always the same: huge damage to the lot and continuous complaints from customers, should a temperature recorder be hidden inside, there the discussions change aspect!

So far, the problem may concern the payment of any damages for a non-compliance process often remedied in a short time, but if we think perhaps of expensive and delicate drugs, their protection during transport becomes a primary objective for quality control.

The range of products offered ranges from single-use, reusable pallet thermal covers, specific heat bags, single layer, double layer, triple layer, etc.. (see attached brochures for technical specifications and different solutions).