In this section you can find all Senzytec products and accessories: from the complete Kit, with instrument and case, to all the different types of sensors and consumables.

  • Senzytec2 complete kit

    Senzytec2 kit

    Senzytec2 Kit (code SZ2-KIT)
    Instrument with case and accessories

  • Sensors kits


    10 sensors, with buffer capsules and standard solutions
    - ethanol (code ET-010)
    - L-malic acid (code ML-010)
    - L-lactic acid (code LL-010)
    - D-lactic acid (code DL-010)
    - glucose (code GLU-010)
    - glucose-fructose (code GF-010)

  • Extra kits for sensors

    extra kit

    10 extra buffer capsules and standard solutions
    - ethanol (code ETX-010)
    - L-malic acid (code MLX-010)
    - L-lactic acid (code LLX-010)
    - D-lactic acid (code DLX-010)
    - glucose (code GLUX-010)
    - glucose-fructose (code GFX-010)

  • Treatment kits

    30 single-use microtubes

    - kit for wine discolouration (code DEC-030)

    - kit for high sulphite content wine (code SF-030)

  • Microtubes 1.5mL


    1.5mL plastic microtubes for Senzytec2 kit. 1000 pcs. (code PRP15)

  • Tips 100uL


    Plastic tips, 100uL, for Senzytec2 micropipette. 1000 pcs. (code PUM100)

  • Micropipette 100uL


    Fix-volume micropipette, 100uL, for Senzytec2 kit (code MPI100)

  • Flasks

    Glass flasks for Senzytec2 kit:

    - 10mL (code MAV10)
    - 25mL (code MAV25)
    - 50mL (code MAV50)

  • Cylinder 10mL

    10mL plastic cylinder for Senzytec2 kit (code CIP10)

  • Syringe 5mL

    5mL plastic syringe for Senzytec2 kit (code SIR5)

  • Beaker 25mL


    25mL plastic beaker for Senzytec2 kit (code BEP25)