Established in 1984 in Limena (Padova) Tectronik markets analytical electronic instrumentation throughout Italy, mainly dedicated for process monitoring in the agro-food transformation industry. Since 2001, the Company has being developing its own line of instrumentation based on biosensors for the detection of significant analytes in the agro-food, environmental and clinical sectors.

Tectronik expertise focuses on electrochemistry (development of planar metal or graphite electrodes, amperometric and voltammetric applications), immobilisation of enzymes and other biological systems, culture of microorganisms useful as bioindicators or biocatalysts for biosensors.

With regard to its commercial activity, Tectronik boasts long experience in the area of laboratory instrumentation for measuring temperature, humidity, pressure and pH in food products, as well as temperature and pressure wireless monitoring devices for healthcare autoclave validation.

Our R&D Department develops innovative analytical instrumentation, based on bioelectronic sensors, for analysis in the agro-food, environmental and clinical sectors.
Particular attention is given to biosensor systems for measuring important analytes in food matrices.

Tectronik holds an exclusive agreement with Ebro Electronic, world leader in measuring devices (thermometers, pH-meters, hygrometers, pressure and temperature loggers, software for data processing), for the distribution of these products throughout Italy and for technical support and service.

Mission and values

Tectronik aims at servicing its customers with the maximum of care and attention, trying to understand and anticipate their needs and requirements. We consider our relationship with customers to be of primary importance, based on a constant dialogue in both directions, to pursue continuous improvement and a better service. We guarantee our availability for any of your demand, both the technical and commercial ones. We want our customers to feel us close to them, as efficient and valuable business partners. We want to build a strong relationship of trust that strengthens in time.
We believe in precision and reliability: that’s why we have adopted an ISO quality management system.
We want to provide high quality products that answer customers’ real requirements, able to fulfil their expectations in terms of performance and quality standards. 
We are able to suggest you solutions optimized for every single case to satisfy different needs. Our R&D department is committed to continuously improving the offer and promote innovation.